Former MS Democratic Party Chair, Rickey Cole’s Message to Volunteers


Beloved Comrades,

In one more revolution of Mother Earth, campaign 2018 will have ended. The magnificent determination and commitment you all have displayed over these many weeks has rekindled a mighty fire within my battle scarred heart from what had dwindled to a smoking ember. You have renewed me a thousand times.

But now is not the moment for laurel crowns, though each and every one of you is worthy. No, now is that fleeting moment just before the Zero Hour, a time of preparation and prayer for warriors since humanity first took to the field to fight for hearth and home.

Warriors? Yes, you are all warriors. My noble friend from Maryland, Martin O’Malley, dubbed you so as he prepared to board his flight in the darkness Saturday night after his inspiring brief sojourn here with us.

So, noble sisters and brothers, take a little rest. Drink of whatever brew steadies your hand. Take nourishment. Say your prayers according to your custom. For when the sun next rises, we have before us a mightier battle than we have ever any of us joined before. Tomorrow we wield the sword of truth against the hoariest of all our homeland’s many demons. We face nothing less than Mississippi’s foundational original sin. Tomorrow is the day that we, you and I, must be the knights who finally slay that Ancient Deadly Dragon who has burned and pillaged and raped and devoured our benighted land since the very first generation. Tomorrow, White Supremacy must die.


Pearl River County Democrats and NAACP Join Forces to Get Out the Vote


Pearl River County Democrats and NAACP members joined forces to canvass in Picayune for Mike Espy.  We were honored with several special guests to encourage our efforts.  Guests included Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland, Rickey Cole, former Chairman of the MS Democratic Party, Vanessa Jones, candidate for Chancery Court Judge, and Rep. Jeramey Anderson, recent Democratic nominee for MS04 Congressional Seat.

Thanks to the efforts of all of our volunteers, Pearl River County Democrats turned out in record numbers.  We are thankful to all who helped in this effort and look forward to strengthening our alliance for upcoming elections cycles beginning in 2019.

Let’s Turn Mississippi Blue


Pearl River County must turnout 4,600 Democratic Voters and 703 Absentee Voters.  Won’t you help us?  We need Phone Bankers and Canvassers to accomplish our goal.  We have a strategy, we need the help to implement.  Contact our county chair by email at or call 601-746-6020 for more information. 

Let’s Turn Mississippi Blue!

The Hard Work Begins Now

If you truly want to change the tone in both Washington D.C. and Jackson, we must all get involved.  It will take participation of all Democrats to get our candidates elected.  Over the next 2 years, we will have 8 important elections beginning this November with Congressional Mid-terms, a primary, run-off, general in 2019 for state and county offices, a primary, run-off,  and general for President and Congress in 2020.  We have a plan, we need help.

To accomplish our goal of electing Democrats, we must follow this strategy laid out to us by former MS Democratic Party Chair Rickey Cole last night at the 4th Congressional District workshop.
  • An Absentee Ballot Team
    •  A coordinator who keeps track of volunteers and location where absentee ballots can be completed and notarized
    • list manager who collects list of phone calls and absentee voters for future use and submits them to the Democratic Chair
    • Gathering locations
      • Churches or clubs where elderly or other types of absentee voters can come to have their ballots notarized and delivered to the Post Office
    • Notaries willing to provide their services for free at each location
    • Transports – drivers willing to pick up voter to bring to the location and to deliver completed ballot envelopes to Post Office
    • Donation of stamps for voters’ ballot envelopes
  • Phone Banking Committee– can be done anywhere using lists provided.  Its simple, you ask if they will be voting, do they need an absentee ballot, or do they need a ride to the polls; record the answers for another committee. If phone numbers are incorrect, these names go onto the canvassing list. Volunteers needed to do the following:
    • Precinct coordinator – work with phone bankers withing your voting precinct, gather lists and get them to the County Phone Bank Coordinator for future canvass lists
    • Phone bankers (callers) – make phone calls to Democratic voters asking if they will commit to vote in November, if they need an absentee ballot, and if they need a ride; record the answers and return to your precinct coordinator
  • Get Out the Vote effort.  This will be leg work in the neighborhood but from the phone list of those who did not have good numbers as well as social gathering areas like barber shops and churches. Volunteers needed:
    • Precinct coordinator – someone who really know their neighborhood and precinct.  Can identify best non-geographic area to canvass
    • Canvassers to walk/drive the precinct visiting Democrats who are not regular voters and asking them to commit to vote in November, if they need an absentee ballot and if they need a ride; record the answers and return to the coordinator for use on Election Day
  • Finally, Poll Watchers for Election Day.  Did you work the primary but are not working the polls this November?  Could you volunteer to be a poll watcher?
  • Duties of a Poll Watcher:
    • You will be present at the polling place all day seated where you can hear the voters’ name.
    • You will have a list of committed voters from above activities and you will check them off as they vote
    • You must have a working cell phone so you can report to the County List Manager who has voted in your precinct.
    • Reports are called in at 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm.
I hope you see that we need lots of committed volunteers.  Our committee can coordinate and do some of this but we have 28 precincts that should be covered and not that many members of our committee.  It will take all hands on deck to deliver Pearl River County to Jeramey Anderson, Mike Espy, David Baria in the Congressional races and either Vanassa Jones or Stacy Barber in the Chancery Court District 10 Place 4 judicial race.  Please help us change our county, state and nation.

Mississippi’s Special Senate Election Could Flip the Senate

Given the track record of the Democratic Party in Special Election, Mississippi has been thrust into the spotlight.  Voting is more important than ever. Do not vote alone.  Take as many people as your vehicle will hold.  Call those who have never voted and get them registered before October 5 so they may vote in November.  Don’t stop there, make sure they get to the polls on November 6.

4th District Congressional Nominee Embarks on His People’s Tour

Pearl River County will have two opportunities to meet Rep. Jeramey Anderson, Democratic nominee to replace “No Show” Palazzo.  Anderson will meet with voters from the Poplarville and Lumberton at Green Grove Baptist Church on Wednesday, September 19 from noon to 2 p.m.

Everyone is invited to come meet this dynamic young man and discuss any issue that concerns you.

People’s Tour Poplarville flyer

Rep. Anderson will return to Pearl River County on Thursday, September 20.  This time he will attend a Meet & Greet/Sweet Sampler Soiree at Coach Eddie Young’s Gym in Picayune.

Coach Eddie Event



“Let’s Turn Mississippi Blue” Luncheon

What a wonderful day of friendship and sharing ideas with like-minded people from all over the state of Mississippi.  Pearl River County sent seven people to represent us.  Not pictured in photo is Martrenia and Edward Hawkins. If you want to join us and turn Pearl River County “Blue” contact us

L-R: Ruthie Long, Dr. Glenn Butt, Angela Cales, Debbie Craig, Agnes Dalton. Not pictured: Martrenia & Edward Hawkins








Keynote Speaker
John Bel Edwards

Rep. David Baria, Nominee for U.S. Senate
Mississippi Democratic Party
Rep. Jeramey Anderson, Nominee for U.S. Congress, 4th Congressional District


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                  Catch the Blue Wave in November

To join our movement, contact the Pearl River County Democrats at or Federation of Democratic Women at