Meet the Democratic Candidates – Commissioner of Insurance

Robert Amos
Commissioner of Insurance

I am running for Insurance Commissioner for all families in Mississippi regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual affiliation or religion. Mississippians should have the right to fair and just insurance prices regardless of credit scores. Mississippians should have the right to know how the insurance industry responds to major disasters in Mississippi. All Mississippians should have affordable healthcare, and those who can’t afford it should have state and Federal assistance. Mississippians shouldn’t have to share cost sharing reductions, that the Trump Administration eliminated, with the only insurance company in the Mississippi Exchange, which in turn makes their insurance premiums higher , about 88,000 Mississippians participate in the ACA, but its estimated that 103.000 more are eligible for Medicaid but can’t receive it because the state has refused to except federal funding to expand Medicaid, finally, if I were a voting member of the State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board, I would vote to fight for all state employees denied coverage, and if the board didn’t have the authority to regulate, I would make a public statement in support of the state worker