Yellow Dog Democrats

Pearl River County met its goal of 12 new members into the Yellow Dog Democrats.  This means a steady income from that membership.  As promised, the State Party will share 40% of the dues collected from our local committee.  Even though the contest is over, any new Yellow Dog Member will be credited to us, and we will receive money back on all current and future members.  I hope you will consider supporting your Mississippi and Pearl River County Democrats by joining us as a Yellow Dogs.  There are many options to join.  If you are interested, contact Agnes.

4th Congressional District Democratic Caucus meeting

 On Thursday, September 21, Representative Jeramey Anderson announced that he will be a candidate in the upcoming 4th Congressional Race.  He expressed his desire to represent everyone in the 4th CD and to be accountable and available.  Qualifying for this race begins January 2018 so Rep. Anderson may not be the only Democrat  interested.  Once we have a certified Democratic Candidate, our work begins.  Make plans to be part of the “Take Back the 4th CD” movement.