Keep Families Together March in Bay St. Louis

Pearl River Democrats join Senate nominee David Baria and 4th Congressional District nominee Jeramey Anderson at the Keep Families Together March in Bay St. Louis.  Marchers joined one of over 600 marches scheduled today to sent a message to the White House that Families Belong Together.  Thank you Debbie and Curtis for representing Pearl River County today.



Debbie and Curtis Craig at the Keep Families              Together March in Bay St. Louis today.




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Rep. David Baria at the March today.



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Rep. Jeramey Anderson and David Baria at the Keep Families Together March

Thank You Email from Impactivsm

Thu, Jun 28, 2018 10:28 am
Lynette Brown ( Details

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks. I volunteer with an activist group called Impactivism and we just geared up our first youth civic engagement program that I’m leading. We have 18 10-14 year olds participating, and are teaching them about the branches of government, how to be an active citizen, the importance of civic engagement, the election process, etc. In our research the group came across your page and it’s been so helpful to all of them we all wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping us to empower our youth to be well-informed and involved citizens.

One of the younger kids in our program, Jessica, found a really helpful Civics Guide geared towards children at . When I told all the kids I was going to send you an email on behalf of the entire program, Jessica suggested I pass that article your way as well as a way of saying thank you. She thought it could make a good addition to the other resources and websites on your page since you didn’t have anything specifically geared towards children. She thought it could be a helpful resource for kids to understand our government and politics better like it was for her.

Thanks again!:)

Lynette, Jessica, and the Youth Civic Impactivism program

Rep. David Baria Responds to Jab By Roger Wicker

Baria response to Wicker ad

Just 2 days in and the hyper-partisan campaigning has already begun. My response to my opponent's ad.

Posted by David Baria for Mississippi on Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rep. Jeramey Anderson to Face Steven Palazzo in General Election November 6.

Jeramey Anderson set to “Fire Palazzo” in November




The race is on!  Primary season is finished and now it’s time to get behind this young man.  Volunteers are needed at both Campaign Headquarters.  For more information on location and times of operation of the Headquarters in Hattiesburg and Biloxi, please call or text PRC Chair Agnes Dalton at 601-746-6020.

How can you help take a stand? Easy make a pledge “2” vote! If you voted in the primary, then pledge 2 vote in general by bringing 2 people who didn’t vote in the primary with you to vote in the general.

It’s that easy!!

We can do this! 





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The Results of the Primary Are In and We Have a Run-off

Rep. David Baria and Howard Sherman will face off in Democratic Run-off on Tuesday, June 29.  To learn more about the candidates, go to their website and Facebook pages and follow them.  We will try to post what they do as much as possible.


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Howard Sherman and Sela Ward




Image may contain: 2 people, including David Baria, people smiling                                                             Rep. David Baria and Marcie Baria


Tuesday, June 5 – Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate

This Tuesday, June 5 voters will decide which Democrat will face sitting Senator Roger Wicker in the General Election in November.  This is an exciting for Democrats.  The momentum is in our favor with all the controversy of the current resident of the White House.  Be informed and vote.  Below is a list of candidates and links to their websites or Facebook pages.

Do not vote alone.  Call your friends and fill your car.  Voter turn out is key to winning in November.  We have excellent candidates in this race and a chance to change things in Mississippi.  It all starts with voting.

Please take the time to go to the candidate’s websites and learn more about them.

Remember, “We are the change we seek.” – President Barack Obama

David Baria                                    


Omeria Scott                                                                                                                   
Howard Sherman
James (Jerone) Garland




Jensen Bohren



Victor Maurice