2nd Annual 4th Congressional District Retreat

There are three critical ingredients to democratic renewal and progressive change in America: good public policy, grassroots organizing and electoral politics. Paul Wellstone

Please join us for our 2nd Annual 4th Congressional District Retreat.  Set among the beautiful scenery of Paul B. Johnson State Park, this weekend retreat, facilitated by Rickey Cole, will again focus on Precinct Organizing. Sessions will be plenary as well as breakout by county.  Sunday morning will include time for devotion and reflection.
Topics on the agenda are:
1. Where We Are Today: a Snapshot of the Democratic Party in the
2. Expanding our Market Share:  The ABC’s of Selling
3. Developing the Marketing Plan
4. Relationship Marketing
5. Precinct Organizing in Louisiana
6. Four-year Plan Revisited

Cost of the Retreat is $65 which includes lodging, meals and materials. The facility can accommodate 104 guests divided equally- 54 men and 54 women.  RSVP/ payment through ACTBLUE at the following link https://secure.actblue.com/donate/2ndretreat

If you do not wish to pay through ACTBLUE, check can be mailed to 4th CD Caucus, 203 N. Cleveland Ave, Apt. #79, Long Beach, MS  39560.  YOU MUST TEXT YOUR RSVP IMMEDIATELY TO  228-547-2090 or email 4thcd.caucus@gmail.com.

Due to space limitations, participation is on a first come, first serve basis.


Voter Registration for General Election November 5 Ends Monday

Civil rights, guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics.

Throughout history Americans and Mississippians have fought, sacrificed and died to give their children and their children’s children the right to act and be treated equally. No matter your religion, race, gender or sexual preference; all are mandated by the U.S. Constitution to be treated equal.

This country is divided more now then ever before in its history because of rhetoric out of Washington. We must not let that discourage anyone from exercising their rights. November in Mississippi could finally bring change that would improve our status of being last on every good list and first on every bad list. But, change does not come without participation. Won’t you help?

REGISTER TO VOTE. Monday, October 7 at 5:00 p.m. marks the end of voter registration for the November State/County General Election. Honor those who sacrificed so much so you could vote. Register!

If your are already registered, make sure you are still listed as an active voter by calling your county Circuit Clerk’s office (Pearl River County call 601-403-2328.) Also, make sure you have a valid photo ID. The clerk’s office has a list. Then ask your friends and family if they are registered. Anyone can register a voter. The form is on the Secretary of State’s website at sosms.com. We can email a form to you and you can copy as many as you need.

If you are not registered, your Circuit Clerk’s office (for Pearl River County, both Picayune on Goodyear Blvd. and in Poplarville at the courthouse) will be open until 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Saturday, October 5th for anyone to register. Bring your photo ID with you.

If you have any trouble registering, please contact Agnes Dalton at 601-746-6020 or email the Pearl River Democratic Party at rockman1935@aol.com.

Interesting read: https://understandingsociety.blogspot.com/2012/10/voter-registration-mississippi-1960.html

Democratic Ice Cream Social Meet & Greet Very Successful

To a room packed with Democrats enjoying all brands and types of ice cream, statewide candidates explained their vision for the offices they seek. Johnny DuPree, candidate for Secretary of State, spoke of voter turnout and the importance of this election to the future of Mississippi. Rickey Cole, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce, envisions a Mississippi where neighbor is allowed to sell what they produce locally creating thousands of new jobs. Both encourage all Democrats to help spread the Democratic message and get “folks” out to vote in the November General Election. Political material for all candidates was available. Candidates unable to attend are Attorney General Jim Hood, Governor; Rep. Jay Hughes, Lt. Governor; Jennifer Riley-Collins, Attorney General; Addie Green, Treasurer; Robert Amos, Commissioner of Insurance; Connie Moran, Public Service Commissioner; and John Stringer, Supervisor Dist. 2.

Democratic Nominee for Commissioner of Agriculture Rickey Cole addresses PRC Democrats.
Democratic Nominee for Secretary of State Johnny DuPree addresses the room at the Ice Cream Social today.

The Pearl River County Democratic Party and its Federation of Democratic Women are prepared to help any citizen to vote. We encourage everyone to contact the Circuit Clerk’s office before October 7 to make sure you are an active voter, your precinct location and type of ID’s required to vote in November.

Here are some dates to remember:

  • September 23 – Absentee Voting begins
  • October 7 – Last day to register to vote in the November Election
  • November 2 – Last day to vote by Absentee in person (Circuit Clerk’s office will be open on Saturday, October 26 and Saturday, November 2 until to noon for Absentee voting
  • November 4 – Last day to post Absentee Ballot at Post Office to be counted in General Election
  • November 5 – General Election for all Statewide offices like Governor, District offices like Legislature & Public Service Commission, and County offices like Supervisors & Sheriff.

If you need any assistance, please us at rockman1935@aol.com or text/call 601-746-6020.

We made the front page of the Picayune Item.

Meet the Democratic Candidates – Commissioner of Insurance

Robert Amos
Commissioner of Insurance

I am running for Insurance Commissioner for all families in Mississippi regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual affiliation or religion. Mississippians should have the right to fair and just insurance prices regardless of credit scores. Mississippians should have the right to know how the insurance industry responds to major disasters in Mississippi. All Mississippians should have affordable healthcare, and those who can’t afford it should have state and Federal assistance. Mississippians shouldn’t have to share cost sharing reductions, that the Trump Administration eliminated, with the only insurance company in the Mississippi Exchange, which in turn makes their insurance premiums higher , about 88,000 Mississippians participate in the ACA, but its estimated that 103.000 more are eligible for Medicaid but can’t receive it because the state has refused to except federal funding to expand Medicaid, finally, if I were a voting member of the State and School Employees Health Insurance Management Board, I would vote to fight for all state employees denied coverage, and if the board didn’t have the authority to regulate, I would make a public statement in support of the state worker

Visit PRC Democrats at the Picayune Street Fair

The Pearl River County Democrats will be at the Street Fair promoting our candidates in both the statewide races and the local races. Signs and campaign materials will be available. https://www.facebook.com/events/375377866362328/

Will be joined by Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce nominee Rickey Cole and his family on Saturday after the forum in McNeill around 12 or 1.

No photo description available.

On Sunday, Johnny Dupree, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, will join us.

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So come by our booth on Main Street across from P.J.’s Coffeehouse and visit with us. If you are not registered to vote or have been purged from the voting records, we will have registration forms available. We also have available the 22 crimes that prevent you from voting. If you have been told you cannot vote because of a conviction, please come by and speak to us. We will do all we can to get you back on the voters’ rolls.

This elections season is so very important. Our Legislature, led by the Republican Super-majority, has turned its backs on the average citizens of Mississippi. They have ignored the requests of our teachers, teacher aides and government employees who have not received a significant pay raise in years. The Super-Majority offered teachers and aides a paltry $500 a year, while voting their Elected Official friends a $10,000 per year increase. That increase means Supervisors now earn $55,000 for a part-time job with full benefits. Chancery & Circuit Clerks, with fees added, now earn in excess of $90,000. We must remember these antics in November.

The Democratic Primary will be Tuesday, August 5th. Educate yourself now. As always, our Democrats will provide rides to the polls on Election Day and will bring anyone wanting to vote absentee in person to the courthouse to do so. Contact Agnes Dalton at rockman1935@aol.com or leave a message at 601-746-6020. Follow us on Facebook at Pearl River Democrats, Picayune Democrats or Young Democrats of Pearl River County. You can also message us there.

See you at the Fair!

March Meeting/Workshop-Tuesday, 3/12/19

It’s time to hit the ground running to get Democrats elected in November.  We have lots of work over the next several months.  Please join us at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Butt, 438 Millbrook Parkway in Picayune.  The Democratic Party meeting begins at 7 p.m. and the Federation of Democratic Women begins at 8 p.m.

We will be planning voter registration, voter information events, hiring poll workers, and preparing for the Picayune Street Fair in April.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, contact the Democratic Chair, Agnes Dalton at 691-746-6020; or Federation President, Ruthie Long at 985-788-1158.

The Legal Way to Steal an Election?

Mississippi say unprecidented national media coverage of the CHS/Espy race for many reasons both positive and negative.  For the first time in recent history, Mississippi was the spotlight of the county and arguably the world as the only remaining Senate seat of the 2018 Election cycle.

Well, hold onto your hats folks; we may be poised to be in that spotlight once again for all the wrong reasons this time.  The Mississippi Today explains in clear detail how Jim Hood could win the popular vote but lose the election.  Click on the link to read how this travesty could happen.


Solution:  We must start spreading the word to our voters that we need even bigger numbers to turn out in November to assure we elect a Democratic Governor and down the chain of offices.

Let’s get our folks registered, educated, enlightened and out to vote!