About Us

In August 2011, after realizing there were very few Democrats on the November ballot, five people met to discuss the reorganization of the party in our county. We pledged to meet again the next month and “bring a friend.” From that time on, our database grew from 5 to over 150 at present and growing every time we put our booth in a festival. We hear from many Democrats who cannot have their names associated with party activities but we are supportive in other ways. We have twice had the honor of hosting representatives from the 14 counties comprising the 4th U.S. Congressional District and were considered to host the 2012 District Convention which selected delegates to the National Convention for President Obama’s second term. Our state executive committee chair, Rickey Cole, has been to our county many times and calls us the jewel of party for our accomplishments. Our meetings are held the the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the conference room of the County Administration building on Goodyear Boulevard in Picayune, across the street from the public library. Our county’s FDW meeting is usually held an hour before at 6 pm, same place. Deborah Craig is the chair of the PRCFDW and you can contact her at  or 601-799-4999. We are also in the process of establishing a Young Democrats county chapter, and until we do, please go to the Young Democrats of Mississippi Facebook page.  Our meeting and activities are published in the newspapers and in email to those on the database. We also have a guest column in those same newspapers. Democrats of all ages are asked to come to our meetings. We discuss issues important to our citizens, upcoming elections and national issues that affect us in Pearl River County. We will be actively involved in party training sessions, Voter ID issues, County Re-districting and Voter registration.