Six Mississippi Democrats to Face-off in Primary June 5th


There were questions earlier as to whether the Democratic Party would qualify viable candidates for federal offices this year. That has been answered with a resounding YES!

This is the new Mississippi Democratic Party.

Following a very successful fundraising year, we have seen a renewed excitement in Mississippians who are universally tired of the same old politics. Democratic candidates offer a distinct difference to other parties candidates.

Democrats continue to ask ‘if the breadwinner loses their job today can they find a new one tomorrow right here at home’? When students graduate, will they find a job at home? If the answer is no then it’s time to join with Democrats who have plans to fix those problems.

The Republican leadership in DC and Jackson have failed our Mississippi economy. Our roads and bridges are in shambles, infrastructure is crumbling and cuts to healthcare and education force higher taxes at the local level on working families. There are fewer jobs in Mississippi today than after the 2007 Great Recession.

There is less money in our state’s coffers because Republican leadership has an institutional problem of giving away our tax dollars to their corporate buddies in the form of special tax break legislation and outright grants. These corporate donors will be the same ones scratching the backs of Republican candidates this season in the form of political contributions.

Democrats stand ready to answer questions truthfully because they offer logical and reasonable solutions to government problems. No spinning here! We encourage everyone, whether Democratic, Republican, or independent – those who want a real change in government – to step forward and vote in the Democratic Party primary on Tuesday, June 5th.


                 Howard Sherman, Meridian
             Rep. David Baria,                               Bay St. Louis


    Rep. Omeria Scott,                     Laurel


               Jensen Bohren,  Benton


 Victor Maurice, Pass Christian
       Jerone Garland, Kosciusko



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