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JUDGE POLITICIANS BY ACTIONS – not by promises, words or spin. Bills that died in the HOUSE Committees this week (meaning they were not allowed to be voted on in the committee, or out of the committee, so no way to know who would have voted how):
CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: Require all $36 Million taxes collected have to ACTUALLY be used for classroom supplies, instead of only $12 Million (HB395)
SALES TAX DIVERSION to Counties (18.5% like cities) for Roads & Bridges HB4, 191, 394
VO-TECH Education Programs in Each School District (HB15)
TESTING: Replace end-of-subject exams with ACT (HB25, HB411, HB719, HB939, HB982, HB996)
TEACHERS: Allow to serve in legislature without suspending retirement benefits (HB408)
DYSLEXIA COORDINATOR in each School District (HB25)
PAY RAISES FOR TEACHERS & Teacher Assistants (HB103HB536, HB699)
VACCINES – Allow religious exemption like 47 other states (HB1505)
Pay raises for HIGHWAY PATROL (HB264)
NOAH’S LAW: Minors could not purchase pure caffeine tablets/powder (HB1285) (Passed the House unanimously the last two years, only to be killed by Lt. Gov. Reeves)
PRIVACY: Require Secretary of State to use last 4 of DL# or ID# instead of SSN (HB397)
NURSE PRACTITIONERS: Broaden scope of practice (HB1275, HB398)
DIVORCE – Allow “Separation” as a ground, for spouses being forced to stay married long after they separated (HB1340)
FIRE PROTECTION – Divert half of homeowner insurance premium tax back to counties to improve fire rating and lower home insurance premiums (HB741)
DONATIONS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Allow tax deduction and specific use of the donation (HB409)
EQUAL PAY for Women (HB1257, HB1258 & HB717) (BUT: When actually offered as an amendment on the floor Friday, in the light of day, the Amendment passed almost 2-1. NOW, let’s See what Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves thinks about equal pay for women and whether he will allow the bill to be brought up for a real vote)
MORE on PRIORTIES when we see what Bills are allowed to actually be voted on in the House and the Senate. Each chamber has until Thursday to vote on bills on their respective calendars (the ones that made it out of committees).
Jay Hughes
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