PERS Under Threat by Republican Super-Majority

Bobby Moak

PERS under threat…….

Rumors are more than swirling that for the 5th straight year, Republicans are trying to take funds from the state’s retirement system. Even the conservative Mississippi Business Journal lays it out…/bill-crawford-reeves-fiscal-plan-r…/

Make no mistake. Republicans have the leadership positions and are the only ones pushing this agenda. They have a supermajority and can make it happen because rank-and-file Republicans vote as they are told by their leadership.

They have put the budget in the worst shape than anyone can remember, taken local funds for schools, failed to provide money for roads and bridges, and gave our tax dollars for these items to their corporate buddies that fund their campaigns. They tell you one thing at home then follow the leader in Jackson.

If you are concerned about your retirement, be aware because they have also eliminated 10,000 state jobs that pay into the retirement system to keep it healthy. They have a rotten plan for you and your retirement money. Contact your Republican legislators in the House and Senate and let them know this is a bad idea.

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